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Welcome to PIDA , S.A. , a Canary Island based company specialized in importing and distributing frozen and refrigerated meat, poultry, pork, lamb and fish products. Founded over twenty years ago, the company starts operating in response to the increasing demand from the tourist and wholesaler markets.

TOTAL SATISFACTION is our goal, providing the CLIENT with a value-added service to cover all its needs.

We accomplish this by requiring the group of professionals working in our company to provide an elaborate service, at all levels, to the client. Secondly, we guarantee the product we offer is of the highest quality by carefully choosing our providers. In the same way, we offer a wide variety of items to cover all our clients' needs. Finally, we ensure the delivery of the product in perfect condition because our modern reception and storage facilities and our fleet of isothermal and refrigeration equipped delivery trucks allow our qualified personnel to handle the merchandise in a temperature controlled environment.

Through a magnificent service and the high quality of the products offered, PIDA , S.A. has obtained an image of reliability and prestige amongst industry's professionals.